“Ministries with an Amazonian Face”: An Eclipse of the Catholic Priesthood and the Hierarchical Character of the Church (1)

Christ established Peter and as Prince of the Apostles

The Working Document of the coming special Synod on the Amazon[1]  has set a time bomb. It states that “the Church is to be incarnated in Amazonian cultures that have a high sense of community, equality and solidarity, so clericalism is not accepted in its various forms of manifestation.” It adds that the Amazonian tribes

Ecofeminist Theology and the Amazon Synod’s Theological Assumptions

For a better understanding of the principles that animate the currents seeking to use the next Synod to promote a “Church with an Amazonian face,” we will address a self-entitled “ecofeminist theology” which permeates the already known proposals that will be presented at the synod. However, before presenting the main tenets of the neo ecofeminist