Why Modern Farming Is the Best Way To Solve Global Warming

Amazon Synod

Editors Introduction: Global climate change (formerly known as global warming) is a rallying point for the left. The culprit is carbon dioxide that must be regulated and controlled. In this article, Mr. Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda, a Brazilian expert in agriculture, ecology, environment and land management, suggests a solution that is both far less intrusive and

Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century (VII)

November 30, 1977 | Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira PART II The “Aggiornata”[1] and Progressive Conception of the Missions The end is to retrocede,taking the aborigine as a model.In order to retrocede, destroy.To destroy: defame, divide and make war.   To Catechize is Secondary and Even Superfluous “Catechize? Spread the Gospel? What for?” “Aggiornata” missiology asks itself.